MBUX | AI-Driven Entertainment System Design

AI-Driven System, UX Design, Context Based Content, Interactive Prototype, Remote Control
Mercedes-Benz Group
Ideation, Research, UX design, Prototyping, User Test
Dec, 2021 - Jun, 2022
The design solution was approved by the client company internally and successfully entered the development phase.

Curated service offering focused on entertainment & wellbeing

In 2021, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the latest EQS with the Hyper Screen, a giant screen that spans the driver and passenger seats and holds almost all the functions of the vehicle's control and entertainment systems. We aim for an innovative design for the next generation of the MBUX passenger entertainment system. The latest AI algorithm is used to tailor the exclusive content for passengers and provide the most intimate service.


  1. Understand users' needs and expectations through user surveys to improve the passenger system
  2. Focus on technology and luxury to further enhance the value of Mercedes-Benz
  3. Improve the user's satisfaction and utilization rate of the passenger screen
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