Freya Huang

Atlanta, GA

Freya Huang, an award-winning designer, is currently expanding her horizons at Georgia Tech, pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Media. With a robust background in UI/UX design and a Bachelor's in Industrial Design, Huijia is passionately exploring the realms of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Mixed Reality (MR), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Freya's innovative approach to design has been widely recognized, earning her prestigious awards such as the Red Dot Award in 2021 and emerging as the Overall Winner in the 2018 Google Hackathon. Her design portfolio is a testament to her versatility, encompassing user interface systems, user experience, future concept design, embodied phycology, brand identity systems, signage, and wayfinding systems, as well as pioneering work in AR and game design.

Freya's career includes significant contributions to the world-leading technology companies. As a conceptual creative senior designer at Accenture, she has worked on groundbreaking projects involving AI, mobility technologies, and crypto/blockchain innovations. Her experience at SAIC General Motors as a UX creative designer illustrates her ability to blend design, technology, and art seamlessly, delivering exceptional user experiences and innovative design solutions.

‍F believes in the power of design to transform user experiences and bridge the gap between technology and humanity. Her designs are not just visually appealing but are crafted with the user's needs and the latest technological advancements in mind. Looking forward, Huijia is eager to further her exploration in the digital realm, aiming to create more innovative, user-centric designs that push the boundaries of current technology and art.

Freya Huang