Electra 2020 | Autonomous Driving Concept UX Design

Autonomous Driving, User Experience, Motion Design, Voice Interaction
General Motors (In-house)
UI/UX Designer, Motion Designer
Feb - May, 2020


This project was to design a concept user interface demonstration for our 2020 concept car, it has been shown both in the promotional video and on the concept car model at 2020 auto show.

Buick Electra tries to give passengers a taste of space travel. Instead of a built-up, busy dashboard, the space in front of the driver is open and airy, in order to maximize space for passengers.

Mood board

According to the style of car design and the promotional video storyboard, I built a mood board for the conceptual design, including the convergence and divergence of golden light, the translucent square in the space and other elements.

UX Frame & Storyboard

Final Design


Manual Driving Mode

In manual driving mode, the left of center screen displays ADAS, photovoltaic highway acceleration light effect and driving information, and the right is floating functional cards. On the steering wheel is the home page and the standby voice assistant.

Auto Drive Mode

In the auto drive mode, the driving information has become secondary, replaced by a variety of entertainment functions. Many entertainment function cards slowly fall and float in the air, implying that all functions in the 5G era are in the cloud.

Voice Assistant - Motion Design

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