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Buick (In-house)
UX/UI designer

Easter Egg Feature


To create intimacy between users and vehicle, enhance the brand value, and the most importantly, to bridge with the youth audience, we add various Easter eggs feature to our next-generation products.


This feature went into development and the first egg feature was released in November 2022 with the new Buick vehicle.

Design Process


Concept - selected ideas

Final Design

Hidden Entry

In the default page, long press the user name to open the hidden Easter Eggs Box.

First Class Mode

Once the first class mode is activated through the box or voice command, the car icon in the navigation map and the ADAS will be replaced by an airplane. Meanwhile, voice navigation will switch to air crew radio, it will announce the destination and the weather, remind the passengers to fasten seat belts, etc.

Air crew flying radio: “Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, we are honored to welcome you aboard Buick Avenir. We have left Shanghai Pudong International Airport for the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower. .....

Voice Activation: Exclusive commands: "Take off Buick", "Prepare for takeoff", "I want to ascend"...

Secret code Activation: Activate/enable words: "first class", "take off", "FLY", "airplane"

*First Class Mode has been released in the Buick CENTURY in December 2022.

POI Gift in Road Book

In this Easter egg, the road book will recommend popular destinations nearby and automatically plan the route according to the user's choice, you can get Easter egg gifts at arrival upon the destination.

Electric Car Theme


To explore a brand new visual style for Buick’s next-gen electric cars.


My design proposal was selected from nearly 100 competitors to win the project and is already in the development phase.


The reference pictures arranged according to the color tendency of the sky, from day to night.

Design Exploration

Final Winning Design - Neon

Inspired by colorful light and diffuse fog. Through the great use of color and light, this theme expresses psychedelic and futuristic sense.


Inspired by cyberpunk street signs, this set of icons features colorful lines to enhance the psychedelic sense of the theme.


The key information for an electric vehicle — battery status is represented by the changing of colors.


Yellow indicates the vehicle is driven beyond the scope of environmental-friendly driving (when driving at full power).


Green indicates that the vehicle is driven in environmental-friendly mode.


Blue-violet represents regenerative charging. In order to keep the color transition natural.


Bright pink and blue plus water ripple animation, to express the charging process.

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