Artisan Workshop | Cartier Online Boutique App Personalization Experience

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UX Designer
Oct - Dec, 2021
The project was successfully delivered and entered the development phase, and the first version is now online.

What is personalization?

A process to put something special on a selected medium.

Cartier Personalization: To place flooded emotions on a precious creation

Ideation (selected)

Artisan Workshop

In the old Cartier Boutique on Place Vendôme in Paris, the top floor is the workshop where the craftsmen make fine jewelry. Now this scene has been brought to life, allowing clients to experience the craftsmanship of the Cartier “savoir-faire” online.

Find The One

Cartier’s journey is a self-discovering of an independent spirit. In the life fragments of the city mist, the hidden story is gradually revealed, and the exclusive Cartier work and experience will be encountered.

User Journey

Artisan Workshop

Craftsman’s Tools

Find The One

Hidden piece

Information Architecture

Whole Journey: Start from beginning to the end

Final Design


4 steps in total to efficiently finish personalization and order selection,. However, you can confirm at anytime to finish the process.


When users input the personalization content, they can always find the inspiration button and check the inspiration list. the style on the inspiration list will appear based on the input.

3D view

Available to check the details engraving and overall product look. The Zoom In 3D view page mimic the real scenario of using magnifier.

Match with product

Different interaction and visual style match with different type of product.

My order, my tray

Decorate and share my order. By creating and decoration a virtual tray, users can give their personalized product more emotional expression.

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