ZerO | Embodied Interactive Installation for Emotional Health

Academic Research, Embodied Cognition, Immersive Experience, Somatosensory Interaction, Sphere, Gamification
Researcher, Designer (Individual project)
Feb - Jun, 2019
Excellent Graduation Design Award 2019 by East China University of Science and Technology.


The "996" work pattern

In recent years, the "996" work system has gradually become a common phenomenon in domestic companies, especially in Internet companies. On March 27, 2019, a project called 996.ICU was circulated on GitHub, in which programmers boycotted the unpaid overtime system of Internet companies, triggering public opinion.

Overtime work is becoming increasingly common

According to the 2019 White-collar Living Conditions Research Report released by the website of WisdomLink, overtime work has become the norm for more than 80% of white-collar workers, with more than 20% working more than 10 hours a week.


Embodied Cognition

The Body plays a significant role in the shaping of cognition and in the understanding of an agent's mind and cognitive capacities.

To better understand how embodied cognition compares and relates to traditional cognitive psychology, I have developed the following model:

In the theory of embodied cognition, the study of the body fills in the missing part of traditional cognitive psychology for cognition, that is, the body assumes a crucial role in the cognitive process, and people form cognition through the interaction between the body and the environment, which controls their emotions and behaviors. These two actually influence each other.

Study - the effective action for stress relief

Psychological experiments have shown that strong poses can lead to beneficial and adaptive psychological, physical, and behavioral changes.

Action Extraction Process

Extracting actions that help to relieve stress through the natural behavioral actions that people do in a specific situation

Usage Scenario Analysis

The office is a more suitable location for white-collar groups for stress relief therapy

In terms of professionalism, convenience and commerciality, the office scenario can balance its advantages and disadvantages. Although the office is slightly less professional than an institution, its high degree of convenience and commerciality far exceeds that of an institution.


ZerO - a therapeutic product aims to help with the mental health issues of stressful people

How it works?

Prototype - Visual Programming

The Touchdesigner Screenshot

Demo Video

Stress Measurement

by XIAOMI Smart Band

Final Design

3D Model

User Interface

Welcome - Loading
Stress Measurement
Health Info

Phone Application

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