Craft in Digital | Lincoln Future In-Car Digital Experience

Natural Language Interaction, Gesture interaction, intelligent cockpit, user experience concept
Lincoln, Ford
Ideation, UX/UI Designer, Motion Designer
Sept - Nov, 2021
The design concept was applied to the LINCOLN MODEL L00 concept car already launched in December 2022.


As part of a larger Vision Project for the Lincoln brand we are looking to define, create and develop a winning suite of luxury brand-level signature experiences and services that are tailored to our future Chinese and US customers and provide a unique and differentiating proposition for our brand in both regions.

Interview & Research

We spoke to a number of users of Luxury Role Models and Early Adopters with luxury spending power, to study their lifestyles and needs.



Interior Design

Flexible Display System

Providing natural and relaxing viewing by conforming to user’s learned behaviors.

Integrated Multi-projector
  • No visible “Screen”, every surface can be used as a display
  • Deformable surfaces providing additional flexibility
  • Surface tracking fitting all seating postures
  • Opportunities for collaboration with publishers
Real Time Tracking & Projection Mapping
  • High-performance projector
  • High-speed non-rigid surface tracking

Interaction Design

Digital Magazine

Dynamic projection enables a non-intrusive, flexible, and engaging way of enjoying visual contents

Voice-initiated Touch Control System

Providing natural and effortless human-vehicle interaction

Voice-initiated Control System Control Principles:
  • Efficient control by enlarging the advantages of voice commands
  • No need for precise hand movements to reduce the burden of keeping attention
  • Universal interaction among multiple in-car applications

User Journey

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