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Visual Design, Way-finding, Visual System, Icons
PATAC (In-house)
Aug - Nov, 2019
The project has been constructed, helping colleagues navigate through the new building and gaining praise.


This is a signage system for our new building of design department. We conducted a lot of preliminary visits and surveys to find out the pain points and make a summary. Then we designed several different visual styles. Finally, we completed the results through systematic design, and now the signage system has been put into use.

Field Research & Pain Point


Orientation Sign - Reception

I designed a glass map in the lobby of the building. It’s a districts model that classify the main blocks of the building and mark the location of the user.

Orientation Sign - Elevator

It is used near elevators, which clearly shows the functional areas of different floors and their location, as well as the current location of the user.

Directional Sign

With lines and arrows, the directional sign clearly shows the places and their directions.

Identification & Directional Sign

It combines identification sign and directional sign that people can tell the current position and where the front leads to at the same time.

Identification Sign - Restroom

Identification Sign - Conference Room

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